Virtual surgery
just got real

We provide medical education with Virtual Reality


First Oculus Rift Surgevry

On the 30th of June 2014, we performed the first surgery specifically filmed for the Oculus Rift


Breathe, you’re in the surgeon’s body

the most immersive way to learn new surgical techniques



Our expertise

We deliver virtual reality experiences in medical education that contribute profoundly to positive learning outcomes.

  • Training A new tool to support your self-study of clinical skills.
  • Learning Accelerate the transfer of knowledge with Virtual Reality.
  • Marketing A new way to augment engagement


We partnered with Samsung to deliver Surgevries on the Samsung Gear VR, the best mobile Virtual Reality Platform on the market.


On the 30th of june 2014, we did the first surgery for the Oculus Rift and there was some talk about it

Meet the team

We’re a team of medical professionals and engineers dedicated to change the way surgical training is performed.

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    Rémi Rousseau Development Lead

    Rémi is an engineer who graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris) who worked at the intersection of medecine and technology in various company positions.
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    Thomas Leblanc Creative and UX director

    Thomas is an experencied user experience designer and art director who funded his own web design agency before joigning Surgevry.
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    Jean-Christophe Billard Hardware expert

    Jean-Christophe is a skilled hardware designer who worked on several devices in the medical field.

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